Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mistakes matter

I have been thinking about the new year that is fast approaching. I am excited to be heading into a new year, but I will miss my summer vacation. I want to have conversations with my students and help them through their mistakes. I have recently discovered the benefits of making mistakes and have found how much I have learned from my own mistakes.

Far too often I hear from students that they just want the answer. They look up answers on #photomath and think that is all that they need to pass the class. I do not want to concentrate on the answers but rather to concentrate on the process. It is one thing to get a correct answer but does having the correct answer mean that they have the understanding of the process. I think not. I want them to understand the relationship of numbers and patterns.

I liked the idea last year of having an Algebra Boot Camp. We need to practice math if we are going to learn math. We need to exercise our math brains to develop and strengthen them. I have a big job in front of me, but math is too important to let it slide. This is the keys to all other subjects.

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